Vydáno: 9.9.2012
Unie výrobců a dovozců lihovin

Czech Union of spirits producers and importers comments on alcohol ban

    Prague September 14, 2012 – Czech Union of spirits producers and importers (UVDL) is currently focusing on strategies to ensure that its members comply with the rulling of the Czech Ministry of Healthcare banning the sale and offering of alcohol in the Czech Republic. These strategies consist of targeted communications to customers, consumers, suppliers and other business partners. The aim is to minimise damages to individual member companies.

    UVDL will not comment on the current situation any further.
    Its key issue remains the elimination of the existing black market responsible for bringing contaminated methyl alcohol products to consumers that threatened their life and health.

    The second key issue is the preparation of a plan to resume the supply of legitimate alcohol products back to the market with the aim of protecting consumers from fraudulent products. This can only be achieved by allowing legitimate companies to market quality products and fight against those who do not comply with the law.